Last updated: 3/13/2010

Timothy Butterfield


Operating Systems

Linux (RedHat and Debian), Apple OS X, Sun Solaris, MS Windows XP Pro, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Server, Windows NT


Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL


C/C++ (gcc/ddd/gdb, MS Visual C++, Borland C++, Borland C++ Builder), C#.Net, VB.Net, ASP.Net, Java, Borland Delphi, Visual Basic, VBScript, JavaScript, AJAX, Perl, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Tcl/Tk, PHP, ASP, HTML, XHTML, XML, CGI

Home Network

Cable broadband, IPCop firewall, 3 Linux Servers (RedHat 7.3, RedHat 9, Debian), MS Windows 2003 Small Business Server, Wireless access point, 3 MS Windows XP laptops, 3 Mac OS X laptops, 1 Mac OS X desktop


Performed development work on open-source and personal projects.

  • IPCop — Added remote configuration backup capability to this Linux-based open-source firewall product. Originally released as an independent add-on module, this functionality was included in the IPCop product starting with v1.4.0. Skills: Linux, C, Perl, CGI, HTML
  • — My personal web site runs a combination of WordPress blogging software and the Kohana PHP framework against MySQL databases. The hosting server runs Apache 2 on BSD. The web site development is done on a MacBook Pro running OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). Graphics and images are manipulated using Adobe Photoshop CS3 and/or Adobe Lightroom. Skills: PHP, HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, MySQL, Apache 2, Apple OS X, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom


Sr. Software Developer (1/2006 — present)
Des Plaines, IL

Performed analysis, design, and development work. Contracts included:

  • Panasonic Factory Automation/Kelly IT — Telecommute. Ported messaging system from C++ on Linux to C++ on Windows and then to C# on Windows. Automated C# message code generation from C++ source to minimize message synchronization issues. Worked on Enterprise Link software to provide increased import/export functionality between PanaCIM and customer systems. Provided support for work I had done before. See below. Skills: MS Windows XP Pro, Linux, Visual Studio 2008 & 2005, C#.Net, Visual C++, C++, WPF, XML, Perl, ClearQuest, ClearCase
  • AgileTek — Worked as part of a team developing software for BioPlex diagnositic hardware. Skills: MS Windows XP Pro, Visual Studio 2008, C#.Net, Spring, NUnit, XML, SQL Server, PowerShell, Perforce
  • Panasonic Factory Automation/Kelly IT — Performed research and analysis on issues related to the SPC polling of PanaCIM and Panasert machines. This functionality is part of the Process Manager component of the PanaPRO software. Skills: MS Windows XP Pro, Visual Studio 2005, Visual C++, XML, Perl, Visual SourceSafe
  • Baxter Credit Union (BCU)/Geneca — Telecommute. Enhanced the iTeller web application to add support for ACH External Transfers and Share Creation by credit union members. Created an ACH Phone Pay web application to allow customer service to more easily process member phone pay requests. Skills: MS Windows XP Pro, MS Windows Server 2003, Citrix, ASP.Net, VB.Net, JavaScript, AJAX, Perl, Visual SourceSafe, Symitar
  • FTD/Geneca — Worked on the Mercury POS product used by associated florist retail stores. Added support for Canadian taxes, including US to Canada order transfers. Also added COD order processing and other enhancements. Skills: MS Windows XP Pro, Visual C++, C#.Net, COM+, MS SQL Server, Perl, Visual SourceSafe
  • Riverside Publishing Company — Part-time / Telecommute. Assisted with the same work I had performed as an employee. See below.

Sr. Software Developer (9/2003 — 1/2006)
Riverside Publishing Company, Itasca, IL (occasional telecommute)

Enhanced scanner and backend data processing/workflow applications to handle five million student assessment test documents per year over the spring and fall seasons. Worked on scanner applications, added Oracle packages/stored procedures, updated Windows services and middleware applications. Skills: ScanOptics 9000M, ScanGen, AccuScore, MS Windows XP Pro, Windows 2000 Server, Windows NT, C#, .Net, Visual C++, Visual Basic, COM/DCOM, Oracle, Perl, Visual SourceSafe

Sr. Software Developer (7/2002 — 8/2003)
Des Plaines, IL

Performed various software development tasks. Contracts included:

  • Official Airline Guides (OAG)/Technium — Added equipment diagram support to Travel Planner desktop and web products. Created mechanism for building connecting city flight schedules for Cargo Disk Plus desktop product. Skills: MS Windows 2000, Borland C++, Borland C++ Builder, Perl, HTML, CGI, Visual SourceSafe
  • InstallShield — Worked on Update Service product. Added new features to publishing web site. Created ISAPI DLL and task scheduler components. Ported MS SQL Server database structure and stored procedures to Oracle database structure and stored procedures and modified related code to work with both databases. Skills: MS Windows XP, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Visual C++, MFC, ISAPI, ASP, HTML, VBScript, Visual SourceSafe

Sr. Software Developer (1/1996 — 6/2002)
Geneer, Des Plaines, IL

Performed analysis, design, development, and leadership tasks. Major clients included:

  • Dow Agro Sciences — Rolled out new Prolinx and GPDA web applications for global Prolinx business customers. Debugged code and server environment issues. Performed liaison and deployment duties to IBM data centers in Boulder, CO and Raleigh, NC for test, staging, and production environments. Engaged in weekly meetings with the Dow Alliance group leaders. Skills: MS Windows 2000, MS Windows 2000 Server, Oracle, MSMQ, Visual Basic, COM/DCOM, ASP, HTML, VBScript, Perl, Tcl/Tk, C# .NET, ClearCase
  • CTC Parker Hannifin — Created GUI components and debugged COM components used for monitoring PLCs. Facilitated unit testing by writing code compliance verification tools. Skills: MS Windows NT, Visual C++, MFC, ATL, COM, Visual Basic, Perl, ClearCase
  • Board of Trade Clearing Corporation (BOTCC) — Developed XML adapter in C++ on Unix to interface with OM’s Secur clearing system. Lead daily status meetings with client project leads and twelve-person development team consisting of Geneer and BOTCC developers. Mentored development staff, including QA. Wrote automated test utilities for Unix environment. Skills: Visual C++/ MS Windows NT, GNU C++/ Sun Solaris Unix, XML, Perl, Tcl/Tk, ClearCase
  • Finatus — Designed and created security mechanism for use in web service application. Application helps businesses maintain compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations regarding the chemicals they use. Skills: MS Windows NT, MS Windows NT Server, Visual Basic, COM, IIS, ASP, HTML, MS SQL Server, ClearCase
  • Celarix — Developed date calculation module for global logistical tracking web service application. Also developed configuration management and build process and mentored in its use. Skills: MS Windows NT, MS Windows NT Server, IIS, MS Site Server, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Visual Basic, ASP, XML, HTML, Rational Rose, ClearCase
  • GE Fanuc — Provided technical leadership to six-person team. Designed IEC compiler architecture for PLC programming tool. Developed compiler framework. Mentored other developers. Skills: MS Windows NT, Visual C++, ClearCase
  • Boeing — Maintained and updated PLC monitoring tool for use on the factory floor. Skills: MS Windows NT, Java, Visual C++, ActiveX, COM/DCOM, ClearCase
  • AT&T — Performed business analysis and developed updated version of the billing software used by AT&T’s larger customers. Engaged in client meetings at AT&T’s New Jersey headquarters. Worked on installer for BillingEdge product. Skills: MS Windows NT, Borland Delphi, InstallShield, ClearCase
  • First American Title Insurance — Developed RESPA module for title insurance tracking application. Skills: MS Windows NT, Borland Delphi, ClearCase
  • Geneer University — Developed curriculum for configuration management class. Taught class on Linux GUI usage. Skills: ClearCase, Linux, GNOME, KDE, VNC

Sr. Software Developer (3/1994 — 12/1995)
Rolling Meadows, IL

Performed analysis, design, coding, and testing tasks. Contracts included:

  • Geneer — Designed and developed PLC programming application for their client, Omron. Skills: MS Windows, Visual C++, MFC, Rational Rose
  • 360° Communications (formerly Centel Cellular) — Telecommute. Enhanced report parser and viewer used to track sales activities. Skills: MS DOS, MS Windows, C/C++, Visual C++, MFC
  • Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) — Developed Home Infusion Therapy tracking system. Skills: MS DOS, FoxPro

Computer Programmer (11/1993 — 3/1994)
Innovative Data Concepts, Hatboro, PA / Rolling Meadows, IL / Telecommute

Learned newly acquired Blaise software development tools product set and mentored others in those products. Upgraded the Turbo Vision Development Toolkit to Borland C++ 4.0. Wrote original documentation for the Symantec SMake utility. Provided technical support for the software tools that were sold. Skills: MS DOS, MS Windows, C/C++

Software Developer (9/1991 — 10/1993)
RDI Software Technologies (Geneer), Des Plaines, IL

Performed analysis, design, and development tasks. Major clients included:

  • Centel Cellular — Developed report parser and viewer used for tracking sales activities. Skills: MS DOS, MS Windows, Borland C/C++, Visual C++, MFC
  • Omron — Designed and developed PLC programming application for use by Omron’s customers. Skills: MS Windows, Visual C++, Opus Make, Rational Rose
  • AT&T — Developed billing software for use by AT&T’s larger customers. Created product installer. Skills: MS DOS, MS Windows, C, FoxPro, FoxPro C API, InstallShield
  • Hewlett-Packard — Developed low-level custom controls to facilitate development of DOS GUI applications. Skills: MS DOS, C, FoxPro, FoxPro C API

Contractor (2/1990 — 9/1991)
Prosoft, Millington, TN

Designed and created custom applications. Key projects included a multi-user Advertising Projection System for AutoZone’s Media Department, a Single Premium Income Annuity product for Delta Life & Annuity, and a product to aid company compliance with FASB 91 regulations. Skills: MS DOS, MS Windows, Windows API, C/C++, Pascal, Paradox

Programmer (11/1988 — 2/1990)
Beard & Associates, Inc., Memphis, TN

Developed single-user and multi-user applications for inventory tracking/management and Certificate of Deposit rates tracking. Skills: MS DOS, FoxBase+, Pascal, C, Paradox

Quality Assurance Specialist (11/1987 — 10/1988)
Financial Audit Systems, Inc., Raleigh, NC

Tested and monitored tax accounting software. Developed programs for use in internal operations, demonstrations, and tutorials. Skills: MS DOS, Pascal, FoxBase+

Contractor (3/1985 — 11/1987)

Performed computer related contract work at various companies including Northern Telecom, Telex, and North Carolina Memorial Hospital. Skills: MS DOS, dBase II, III, MS Word, Wordstar, Lotus 123

Assistant Director of Operations (12/1983 — 3/1985)
Futurehouse, Inc., Chapel Hill, NC.

Updated Champion Accounting System with new databases and custom reports. Located new vendors. Skills: MS DOS, dBase II, Wordstar


Advanced C++, Northwestern University (Chicago, IL), 10/1993

C Computer Language, State Technical Institute (Memphis, TN), 6/1990

Accounting I, II, Durham Technical Institute (Durham, NC), 4/1986

Business Administration, Rutledge College (Durham, NC), 9/1984

Article: Dr. Dobb’s Journal, March 1993, File Conversion Using C++ Templates


Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

  • Exam 70-100 – Solution Architecture (4/2000)