R&R Reviews the EVO II

Donald at Running and Rambling has reviewed the Terra Plana/VivoBarefoot EVO II.  Instead of an update to the EVO, this II model is a new, additional variant designed more for cold weather use.  Read Donald’s review for more details and a 20% off discount code.

I like the idea of the EVO and EVO II, though as much as I would like to try it, I am reluctant.  If they work, they would be worth buying with a discount code.  But, at $160 retail, an unsuccessful test can be quite expensive.  After the original EVO created and then tore off blisters on my toes, I am quite gun shy about spending that kind of money again just to see if the problems I experienced have been fixed.  I hope they have, but will let others pay to test them first.  If the consensus is good, I might try them again.

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