The C25K program consists of three workouts per week for nine weeks. I’m off schedule, but this is the results of the workout for week one, day nine. No, there is not supposed to be a day nine. Technically, this is the week one day three, repeated for the third time.

Program: Brisk five-minute warmup walk. Then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes. Brisk five-minute cool-down walk.

Results: I completed the workout as intended. I ran all eight of the sixty second run segments. The week one level is finally completed. I did 1.67 miles in 29:22 for an average speed of 3.41 mph. My heart rate averaged 139 bpm and peaked at 159 bpm. I would have preferred a lower average, one well down into the aerobic range. When looking at my HR graph at Garmin Connect web site, I could see the distinct rise for the run segments and the fall for the walk segments. In only two of the walk segments between the run segments did my heart rate fall back into the aerobic range. The run segments were all into the anaerobic range. This isn’t good. I would rather be burning fat than sugar. The RunKeeper graph wasn’t what I would like either. On the W1D8 graph, there were distinct speed increases for the run segments and speed drops for the walk segments. That wasn’t the case this time. The speed of the first three run segments were easily distinguishable from the speed of the adjacent walk segments. With the remaining run and walk segments, I could not tell from the speed graph which was a run segment and which was a walk segment. The speeds were too close together. Compared with the prior workout, I was walking faster and running slower. Perhaps that explains the overall average speed being higher than the last workout. I need to work on keeping my run speeds up and walking speeds lower. Still, it was a good cardio workout and a milestone completed.

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